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Creating unified, personalized brand experiences spanning many different touch points. From digital marketing to live interactions, I can help express brands in traditional as well as new, unexpected ways to keep them fresh and relevant.


Market Insights and Analytics

Since a brand does not exist in a bubble, it's important to study the environment in which your brand will live. From general competitive analysis to bringing in top tier marketing executives for detailed marketing plans, I can help define your brand's environment so you can be sure the message is unique and makes sense in today's world.

Brand Strategy and Positioning

Create a clear story for customers. By defining your brand strategy and articulating it's positioning, you make your brand promise clear, differentiated, and meaningful.


Together, we will articulate, clearly and compellingly who you are, what you do, and why you matter. This is where the emotional connections are born.

Brand Architecture

When companies grow, so does their complexity. Creating an architecture that accounts for future stretch like possible new products, partnerships, and naming challenges can eliminate many headaches down the road. 

Product Innovation

Designers are innovators at heart. I have extensive experience with product creation and innovation and can help you strategically conceive, design, and manage new product development or improvements. 

Design Thinking

XXX Designers are innovators at heart. I have extensive experience with product creation and innovation and can help you strategically conceive, design, and manage new product development or improvements.


Brand Identity

Your brand identity is defined by a customers experience with you throughout their daily lives. Today, that can include social media, digital ads, in store product placement, trade show booth interactions, an elevator pitch, or the all important website. With such varying touch points, it's important to remain flexible while presenting a unified customer experience. I can help you define your messaging and visual branding through traditional and new media, including:

- Brand marks (logo)

- Identity Guidelines

- Printed materials

- Website content generation and design

- Power point presentations

- Marketing materials

- Environmental Displays

- Packaging

- Photography and video

- Annual Reports

- Signage

- Anything that needs to be done

Website Generation 

Your website is your hardest working employee. It's important that it be clear, easy to navigate, and achieve your end goals. Each page should have a specific purpose, whether it's to make a connection, drive conversion, increase sales, or generate leads. I can help you:

- Define your Strategy including site goals

- Site Mapping

- Generate content (copywriting, video, photography)

- Design in Sketch and execute with site developer

- Or execute on a website building platform

- Maintenance and updates

Digital Marketing Materials

As part of your overall brand strategy, digital marketing materials can be the first, second, and ongoing interaction customers have with your brand. It's important they reflect your messaging and create the right call to action.

- Email campaigns

- Digital Marketing materials

- Banner Ads

- Landing Pages

- Social Media pages and content


Need a Creative Director?
Forming the right creative team is the key to your brand's success. I can help you find and grow your in-house team, or lead a select group of freelancers to partner with your business.

Product Launch

Have a big idea and not sure how to make it a reality? I can help you from the very beginning. We will start with market research, move on to positioning and naming, and then create the visual standards for your brand building a solid foundation for future brand expansion. All while creating a digital marketing campaign to build need and awareness of the coming product so when it's time to launch, the appropriate market is primed and ready. 

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