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Naked Baking Ladies

Finding a New Opportunity in Superfoods

It's always exciting to work on a brand from the ground up, and that's what we were able to do with Naked Baking Ladies, a company that creates prepared sauces made from 100% Superfoods. By defining a new category focused on the health benefits and ease of prepared Superfoods, we helped carve out a new place in each aisle for the young brand.

The Organic market is saturated, what's a brand to do?

Own the market for Superfoods.


expected YOY growth for US Superfoods market


of North Americans are trying to eat healthfully


of people are willing to pay more for healthier foods

Brand ID

For the Naked Baking Ladies product launch, created a flexible identity system that works across many types of foods. The system includes messaging, brand mark, palette of colors, imagery, and textures.

Asset 1NBL Logo with Tagline.png
Asset 7NBL Circle Apron Mist.png
Asset 2NBL logo shadow with ribbon.png

Because Naked baking Ladies products will appear in almost every aisle, the packaging system needed to remain flexible yet build a distinct visual brand awareness throughout the store.

Digital Marketing

The carefully crafted identity system encourages "Superfoods" focused marketing materials with a variety of rich, savory photography.

Asset 4NBL Ad 2 slice.png
Asset 10NBL Ad Excited Boy Icon.png
Asset 6NBL Ad 1 tall.png
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