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human-centric design 
curious, creative, innovative
collaborative approach
variety of industries 
artful execution across channels
design thinking and data driven

Brand Stories
Customer Experience
Cross-channel Marketing
Packaging Design

Product Innovation
Sustainable Practices

Opportunity // Positioning
Brand Identity // Guidelines

Team Building
Consumer, Service and B2B
Photography // Video direction
...learning and experimenting with AI

I use customer-centric design strategy to create unified and meaningful experiences that enable people to connect with each other and the world around them. This requires a highly collaborative, creative and user-first approach honed by years of agency and in-house experience. 

I believe that successful brands are created through the human-centric Design Thinking process, interpreting data, sustainability objectives, a collaborative vision throughout an organization, and artful execution of the story across media channels.
From brand identity to customer service relationships, it’s important that all customer touch points support the brand positioning and clearly convey the right personalized message and call to action.

Helping brands achieve success through a unified vision.
Building a unified vision with diverse, cross-functional, collaborative teams help brings the brand story to life in the best possible form. I've managed client and agency partner relationships, internal creative/executive teams and worked closely with all types of talent from engineers to sales. This experience led me to appreciate the value of collaboration, well designed systems, excellent communication (listening) skills, and professional respect with both conviction and flexibility.

As Creative Director for global design agencies, a technology start-up, financial institutions, and in retail, I bring together creative problem solving experience from a wide variety of industries. I love a good challenge and opportunity to explore something new each day. 
If I haven't done it before, I'll figure it out and get it done.

Committed to sustainable practices. 
While I am grounded in the reality of budget and time constraints, I believe in the long term benefits for both clients and humanity when we consider sustainablility as part of a brand vision and growth opportunities. It has been a driving force in my career and I believe that what is better for the planet is better for everyone - bottom lines included. We just need to tap into our creativity to discover shared value.

I'm always looking for new ways to creatively reduce our environmental footprint either through changes in behavior, design, materials, systems or infrastructure.


Beverage Packaging Global Design Gold award

American Graphic Design Award

Publication in Beverage World, Brandweek, several design annuals

Work has been called, “the most prominent innovation” in the New York Times

Guest Lecturer at Syracuse University


“Kim has a strategic mind, creative heart, killer design sense, and an incredibly positive attitude. She makes everyone around her better and you can just tell she loves her work. Technically, we had a client / vender relationship, but it felt at all times like a creative-to-creative partnership. It showed in the quality of the work.” 

—  Pete Valle, SVP Group Creative Director, Allen & Gerritsen,

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