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Little Bird

Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Digital Marketing

Natural Beauty // Sustainable Packaging

It's time to take plastic out of our beauty routines and Little Bird Beauty is doing just that. With all natural cosmetics and sustainable packaging, Little Bird is making a big splash in the beauty aisle. It's the little things that make all the difference.

Asset 17LB wide bird image.jpg
Asset 13LB Logo Vertical DrkBl Large.png
LB Products Lip Color Nude.jpg
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Brand ID & Packaging

Created a flexible identity system that works across many types of products. The system includes messaging, brand mark, color palette, typography, imagery, and textures. Individual colors are printed on stickers to allow for on demand order fulfillment to reduce waste. 100% Plastic free, recycled packaging.

Asset 16LB logo Initials.png
Asset 8LB bird pattern.png
Asset 5LBLogo Horiz.png
Asset 1LB Social 1 Tagline.jpg
Asset 5LB 3 logos in sq colors.png
LB product Product layout 1800p.jpg
Social Campaign

"Connection" campaign aims to draw a link between the beauty of humans and the beauty of the planet. Eye catching curves challenge the viewer the discover each image and their relationship.

Asset 19LB Social 1.jpg
Asset 21LB Social 2.jpg
Asset 20LB Social 3.jpg
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