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Brand Identity
Photography/Video Direction
Landing page direction
Social Media Content
Corporate/Retail/Environmental Digital and print materials
Project Lead

Financial Product Launch

United Bank IQ BUSINESS Launch Campaign
Launch Campaign for United Bank's online portal that delivers a one-stop-for-your-business-shop. Marrying dedicated, personal service with advanced technology solutions, all in one place.

Tasked with creating campaign in 5 weeks from concept to execution, delivered in 4 and under budget. Was declared by leadership team as the bank's most professional launch. 
Asset 3IQ Business Logo White.png
Brand ID

The IQ Business brand visuals reflect United Bank's connection with local business owners and their target customer’s need for simplicity and speed, all while motivating potential customers into action.


The landing page includes images of actual customers and links to their stories which helps build local interest, provide testimonials, and motivate other owners to join the United Bank team. 

Brand relationship with master brand "From United Bank" adapted from standards for other sub-branded applications.

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 12.46.14
Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 12.46.22
Video from actual customer

Created awareness video for IQ landing page which can be broken into short segments for social media. The tone is friendly yet informative as we listen to the “Inner Thoughts” of business owners happily reflecting on their experience with IQ Business from United Bank.

Special thanks to A. Brooks Fischer from Newman Architects for being a part of our videos and photography, as well as the video production team at Allen & Gerritsen, Boston, MA.

United Bank IQ Business 2019

United Bank IQ Business 2019

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